Depth Perception Problems

What are depth perception problems?

Depth perception is our brain’s ability to discern the different distances between objects as closer or further. Depth perception helps us to judge distances while driving, playing sports, and even reading is easier with appropriate depth perception. Depth perception requires proper binocularity or the eyes ability to aim and coordinate together as a team. Without proper binocularity, the brain is unable to judge space appropriately making certain tasks more difficult.

What are symptoms of depth perception problems?

Common symptoms of depth perception problems include:

  • Frequent clumsiness or bumping into things
  • Poor spatial awareness
  • Avoids certain activities and sports
  • Trouble catching a ball, judging the out of bounds lines, or bumping into teammates while playing sports
  • Difficulties with driving
  • Reduced reading performance
  • Poor handwriting
  • Loses place while reading

Sometimes people may label themselves or their children as “not athletic” or a “bad driver” when in reality, poor depth perception can be the source of the issue.

If you or a loved one experience any of the above symptoms, a Neuro-Vision Evaluation conducted by a Neuro Optometrist is the only means of getting a clear and accurate diagnosis. If you’re interested in better understanding the seriousness and severity of the symptoms you or a loved one are experiencing, we encourage you to take our Vision Symptom Quiz.

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What causes depth perception problems?

Binocular vision (eye teaming or eye coordination) problems are the root cause of depth perception issues. Binocular vision disorders include amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed or wandering eye), eye-teaming issues (including convergence insufficiency or convergence excess). Depth perception issues can occur from a childhood vision issue and persist into adulthood or develop due to a brain injury.

How are depth perception problems treated?

Depth perception problems are very treatable through neuro-optometric vision therapy. Vision therapy utilizes evidence-proven techniques and procedures designed to stimulate and enhance binocular fusion between the two eyes. Depth perception is a high level visual skill that, just like any other skill, can be trained through a proper sequence of binocular neural stimulation, practice, and repetition.

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