Syntonic Phototherapy

What is syntonics (optometric phototherapy)?

Syntonics, commonly called phototherapy, photolight therapy, or color light therapy, is a branch within optometry that utilizes specific light frequencies to have positive benefits on the nervous system. Syntonics have been clinically used for over 80 years. At NVTI, we may utilize syntonics as one of our many treatment modalities to help patients with brain injuries. Patients wear special light goggles at home to help reduce initial symptoms as well as provide a sense of visual relief. In the office, we use a new generation of syntonizer, or color light generator, for a high therapeutic effect in just 10 minutes.

How does syntonics work?

The various colors used have different effects on our visual and nervous systems. Darker colors in the blue and purple range have been shown to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system leading to a reduction in stress and anxiety. On the other hand, brighter colors in the orange and red range are more stimulatory in nature and may be used to help “wake up” the visual system in cases of strabismus or amblyopia. Syntonic phototherapy is utilized in conjunction with the other vision treatments and techniques.

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