Post Traumatic Vision Syndrome

Post Traumatic Vision Syndrome (PTVS) is caused by damage to areas of the brain that are involved in various aspects of visual function. As the medical community continues to advance understanding of the brain, we have learned that visual neural connections are pervasive throughout the brain. Very rarely does a traumatic brain injury occur in absence of an impact to vision and proper visual functioning. PTVS symptoms can include double vision, blurred vision, difficulty with reading and tracking, poor visual spatial orientation skills, light sensitivity, headaches, dizziness, and balance problems amongst other symptoms.

Post Traumatic Vision Syndrome can thankfully be treated with rehabilitative optometric vision therapy. A comprehensive assessment with a neuro optometrist can uncover the various deficits of vision following a concussion. Once these binocular vision deficits have been identified, Dr. Talaber may write a functional glasses prescription that focuses on helping patients work through their therapy program more efficiently and reduce symptoms. Suffering from vision difficulties may be overwhelming and challenging, but we are here to help. Neuro-Vision Therapy Institute specializes in treating patients with PTVS and have successfully helped numerous patients resolve their vision symptoms and get on the road to recovery.

If you or a loved one experience any of the above symptoms, a Neuro-Vision Evaluation conducted by a Neuro Optometrist is the only means of getting a clear and accurate diagnosis.

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