Neuro Optometry and Vision Therapy FAQs

How does Vision Therapy work?

NVTI provides highly-customized, evidence-based vision therapy and rehabilitation programs that treat the root of the vision problem and symptoms for all ages, whether the condition is due to a childhood developmental vision problem or a brain injury.

Vision therapy incorporates techniques that lead to beneficial rewiring of areas of the brain that process vision. Adults of all ages have been proven to have brains that are plastic (able to change) to train new abilities or restore lost ones. Our treatment process uses neuroplasticity to rewire and strengthen areas of the brain that process vision. As we repetitively train the eyes and brain to function at their full potential, it can permanently resolve the underlying issues impacting quality of life, interfering with learning or work, or hindering athletic performance.

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What conditions does Vision Therapy treat?

Common vision conditions include:

How do I know if I need Vision Therapy?

Those who require vision therapy sometimes do not realize their symptom(s) are due to a vision problem.  A proper diagnosis and treatment plan are only possible following a thorough Neuro-Vision Evaluation. If you (or your loved one) suffer from vision symptoms, struggle with visual tasks (such as reading, computer work, driving, etc.), or have a condition that puts you at risk for a vision issue, vision therapy may be right for you. NVTI offers complimentary consults to discuss the symptoms a patient is experiencing and determine how we can help.

How long will it take to see results?

This depends upon each patient, their personalized program, and adherence to vision therapy in the office and at-home. Some patients will notice results rather quickly, while others may take several months.

Does insurance cover the neuro-vision evaluation?

NVTI is an out-of-network clinic and does not participate directly with any insurance companies. Many insurance companies offer out-of-network benefits, however, and we assist patients in any way we can to support possible reimbursements.

How long does the neuro-vision evaluation last?

The initial Neuro-Vision Evaluation is a 2-hour evaluation. Then one week later, you will meet with Dr. Talaber to review the results in a 30-minute meeting. Progress evaluations occur every 10 sessions of vision therapy and last 45 minutes.

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