Neuro Optometry Referrals in Denver

When to Refer

Patients who would benefit from a Neuro-Vision Evaluation:

  • A recent concussion or brain injury
  • History of multiple concussions or other type of brain injury
  • Persistent vision symptoms (including but not limited to: blurry vision, double vision, fatigue/tired eyes, headaches, light sensitivity, etc)
  • Difficulty with reading and/or computer work
  • Difficulty concentrating and/or attention issues
  • Learning difficulties or developmental disorders
  • Balance issues

How to Refer

If you have a patient in need, you can send us referrals one of two ways:

  1. Download and fill out our Patient Referral Form. Fax the form to (720) 408-1437.
  2. Call our office at (720) 408-1400.

Once we receive your referral form, we will reach out to the patient directly to schedule their appointment. We will contact your office should we need any additional information. Dr. Talaber will always provide referring doctors with an evaluation report of results (patient permitting) and recommend the patient return back to you for their other medical needs, glasses or contact lens purchases (when applicable).