Vision Symptom Quiz

Vision Rehabilitation Quiz

Instructions: ​Please indicate ​how often the following symptoms are experienced by you or your loved one.

Distance vision blurred
Near vision blurred
Vision fluctuates throughout the day
Poor night vision
Eye discomfort, eye strain
Headaches, dizziness or motion sickness
Eye fatigue
Feel pulling around the eyes
Double vision
Close or cover one eye to see clearly
Issues with glare
Outdoor light feels too bright
Fluorescent lighting is bothersome
Sensitivity to computer or device screens
Eyes feel dry and sting
Stare into space without blinking
Eye rubbing
Clumsiness or misjudge where objects are
Lack of confidence walking, missing steps or stumbling
Poor handwriting (spacing, size, legibility)
Side vision is distorted; objects move or change position
What appears straight ahead isn't always straight ahead
Can't tolerate visually-busy places
Difficulties with balance and movement
Short attention span or easily distracted while reading
Difficulty with reading and writing
Poor reading comprehension; can't remember what was read
Skip words while reading
Lose place while reading; use finger to keep track
Print goes in and out of focus when reading
Words move on the page
Difficulty making sense out of visual information
Confusion between left and right
Difficulty finding things; misplace objects