What is Vision Therapy?

While our eyes capture light signals, our visual world is created in the brain. Visual information from each eye is sent to areas all over the brain that identify objects, color, names, movement, where the object is in space, depth and more. Vision should operate clearly, comfortably, accurately, and effortlessly. Each eye should aim at the same target in space, so that a person can judge depth correctly, which is important for driving, learning, playing sports, and much more.

If visual pathways from the eyes to the brain are not functioning properly, there is a disruption in how an individual sees their environment and interacts with it. These issues are most commonly noticed when they become serious enough to disrupt schoolwork, ease of learning or interfere with tasks at work. Children do not outgrow these vision conditions. In fact, they typically worsen as school work becomes more challenging with higher grade levels.

Thankfully, with proper vision testing, visual deficits can be uncovered and vision therapy can remediate these conditions. The eyes are really an extension of our brain, and each part relies on the other to have clear, comfortable, accurate, and effortless vision.

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